Great Day for a Wedding!

Finally after a few very cold or wet Saturdays in April, we had a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding at the Dallas Arboretum. Nancy's garden is probably my favorite wedding site there. It is secluded by greenery and flowers and well shaded for an afternoon ceremony. From there it was a short drive to Times Ten Cellars for the reception which gave a warm homey feel.

Event at the Hurst Event Center

Wow, lovely setting at the Hurst Event Center. I thought I knew all the great locations but then I'm surprised to learn about another. I was in the foyer for cocktails and then to the stage for dinner. Photos by Monika Thompson Photographer

@the Plano Event Center

I enjoyed my first event at the Plano Event Center with Savannah Brunson and her very helpful event and AV staff. I started out on the patio hiding from the ferocious wind and then inside for dinner to a much more hospitable room! With planner Loretta Morgan and Monica Thompson Photography, catching me in the act, of tuning! #MusicforPlano

Jamming with the Dinosaurs

I was wondering why they put me with the dinosaurs at the Perot Museum. But, as it turned out, there was a talk by Dr. Lee Berger, the paleoanthropologist who discovered a new species of homimin, Homo Naledi, in the biggest find of our early relatives. I hear an exhibit is coming soon.

Wedding & Cocktails at Crescent Club

A wedding and cocktail hour was the order for this day at the Crescent Club! Meredith Commender with Significant Events of Texas was the planner with Adam Wilmore providing sound, MC and DJ'ing with LeForce Entertainment.

Big Event at Dallas Arboretum Rosine Hall

Starting outside for the cocktail hour and then moving into Rosine Hall, I was surprised to find myself on the big screen! With Loretta Morgan, planner and Monika Thompson, photgraphy.

Wedding at the Crescent Hotel

The weather has been pretty wild this year. I was so glad when they decided to move the wedding ceremony indoors because of a temperature in the 40's, that was until I got to the room and felt the air conditioning on! Well, it was a lovely ceremony and we played it with guitar and Wana Hong on violin- a great combination!

Easter Brunch at Fort Worth Club

This is such a wonderful brunch that I have been able to play for a few years now. Great food coupled with a warm ambiance attracted some 1150 guests!

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