Southfork Ranch Wedding

Southfork Ranch gazebo wedding and then reception at the Ewing Mansion with the trio. Long time friend, Sheri Morriss at Southfork does the weddings there. The recessional was the Theme Song from TV show Dallas!

NOAH'S Event Venue Plano

I thought this room might sound like a war zone with 200 people but I was pleasantly surprised. Another surprise was to see Brenda Donnelly with Gil's Catering and eat lobster and chicken!

Mopac Event Center

First time doing an event at the Mopac Event Center in Fort Worth with Keoni Holoman and Loretta Morgan, planners and Stevie-Beth Lewis, event manager. The Tim Love Catering served some of the best beef I've ever had. Who knew?

Easter Brunch- wow!

It's an abundant life here at the Fort Worth Club on Easter. That egg is solid dark chocolate. I have to find out how much it weighs.

Last minute gig

Last minute gig- just enough time to shower and drive over to the Las Colinas Country Club. . Overlooking the golf course- sweet!

Mansion on Turtle Creek

Intimate dinner party at the Mansion in the Garden Room with Jordan Fatheree. The genuinely warm staff made an impression on me which started right when I pulled up with the valet, Henry, and continued throughout the evening. The best!

Event at Delaney's Vineyards

It's a great way to start the event with a cocktail hour out on the Crush Pad overlooking the vineyards before moving inside for the dinner.

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