Gems, gems, gems!

My favorite floor of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is the third with the most gorgeous natural mineral formations. With Dana Blaugrund of Wolfgang Puck Catering and Samantha Wolfe from the Perot. The guests were medical researchers, several of whom received grants that night and were very interested in the music- fun group!

Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding

With the day appearing to be a total washout as I was driving to The Orchard Event Venue & Retreat in Azle, Texas, I wouldn't have imagined how beautiful it turned out. The venue appears more like a country club than a ranch and had adequate drainage and paving stones in the ceremony area so when the rain cleared and we were good to go. I did classical guitar for the wedding, accompanied the bride's grandfather on a song, and then moved over to the venue to play for the cocktail hour. With Ricardo Tomas, the wedding architect from Ricardo Tomas Weddings, Ashley Segelquist from the venue and Tony Valadez doing the photography.

Strike Out Hunger event

Playing under the tent for the Strike Out Hunger event in front of the Granite Properties building with Kaitlyn Hoots of Fauxcades. I hope I'm not the only one without a Rangers uniform.

Rehearsal Dinner

Cocktail hour and rehearsal dinner at the Lakewood Country Club with planner Kristin Butler with Fabulous Fête Weddings and Sheila Payne Rigelsky from the Club.

Dallas Arboretum event

It's Rosine Hall of the Dallas Arboretum for 300 people tonight. With Keoni Holomon planner and Brenda Donnelly with Gil's Catering. I'm already working up an appetite!

Noah's Event Venue Las Colinas

Tonight, another Noah's, with a similar cast of characters! Keoni Holoman-planner, Brenda Donnelly-Gil's Catering, and Elena Reed-Noah's Las Colinas

Noah's Event Venue Fort Worth

This one looks just like the Noah's in Plano from last week. With Keoni Holoman planner and Brenda Donnelly with Gil's Catering! Getting hungry!

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