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Live Music vs. Recorded for Wedding

There has been a trend in recent years to substitute prerecorded music for live music during the wedding ceremony. Many facilities have built in sound systems and part of package they offer the bride may include “ we’ll push the play button on the CD player for you” or a DJ may be able to set up an extra system and for an additional sum, play a CD for the prelude music and processionals and recessionals. Can a professional musician or musicians enhance the ceremony with live music vs. a CD? Even if pushing the button on a CD player works without a glitch and the correct track gets played, the recording is fixed and cannot adjust to actual circumstances with regard to timing, repeating or cutting a section of the music if the bridesmaids or bride is delayed, etc. Does the bride want to arrive at the “alter” with a fade-out? Certainly the sound of great live music played on fine acoustic instruments is itself something to behold and may be the most valuable asset that can be included in a wedding for minimal cost. Consulting with a professional wedding planner on this would also be worthwhile since it is their job to produce beautiful weddings. (photo by Apryl Ann photography)

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