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National News Wedding!

Edit: This wedding made national news for their creativity!

With those of us in the event/wedding/hospitality industry among the first to take a hit in the current environment, I am surprised and encouraged at some of the creativity used to counteract current circumstances!

The rehearsal dinner I had Friday was cancelled but the wedding last night with the same couple, was moved from the country club to a residence outdoors with only 10 family members present. But as a surprise to the couple, with perfect timing, all of the friends who were going to come to the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception, drove their cars decked out in a congratulatory fashion in a parade in front of the house while the couple and family were told to go outside and take family photos facing the street! Naturally they were all surprised as their friends came by very slowly cheering, honking their horns, yelling to the couple on the curb. The neighbors all came out as well to stand in front of their houses to watch and send their regards to the couple. Many must have rented sunroof cars to hang out of. All the while the fun and frivolity was photographed and videoed.

How about that for a creative response to the current climate of social disruption? With Kristin Butler with Fabulous Fête, and Thisbe Grace with Kiss Me for Eternity Photography (I’ll mention others involved as I learn them).

Check out the video link that I am reposting from a facebook group:

TV Wedding

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